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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Do I Need A Playlists For My Party ?

Party Playlists !

There are a few considerations:

  1. You hand an experienced DJ a list of 20 of your favourite tunes for your party. This is the best option, coupled with requests on the night, this will give them more than enough information about your music preferences to fill in the blanks.
  2. You want to select all the tunes and let the DJ put them into manageable sets.
  3. You want to select all the tunes and the DJ plays them in a set order.
  4. Your event is “genre specific” such as Reggae or a Rock Night, everybody is there for the same style of music and there is no real need for a list.

Points 2 and 3 are the danger zones especially at a family event, with mixed age groups, where things are quite different. Have you ever attended a party, danced to a couple of tunes and suddenly the music style changed and the whole dance floor sat down?

That’s where points 2 and 3 have usually kicked into play so consider the consequences.

Where to start with a playlist !

How much music do I need?

The average party set is about 4 to 5 hours and runs a little like this:

  1. Start for 7.00 pm - 7.30 pm with mostly female dancers early evening
  2. Assorted key points such as the first dance, cake cutting, presentations are usually pre 9.00pm
  3. Buffet 9.00 pm
  4. Average male dancer ventures to the dance floor about 10.00 pm, usually closer to 10.30pm
  5. Finish 12.00 am

Looking at the event from outside the box, and letting go of your personal music bias is paramount.

When you attend a party you know the time you like to spend with friends or when you like to eat or dance. That perspective will be in line with the majority of the guests attending your event and the only variable is age. This answers a lot of questions regarding music choices and where your flexibility may need to begin.

The foundation to any great playlist, regardless of party type, is the continuity of the dance floor and having enough scope within each music genre is where your focus needs to be.

What music do I use for my playlist?

This is a commonly raised topic and depending on the type of function, this subject is too broad to cover in one article.

We have a dedicated interactive website where you will find all the help you need with Party Playlist along with an impressive Party Hits video archive for music inspiration.

Playlist Help