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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Marquee events from the people who know

Marquees are often chosen to accommodate a function in either a stunning location or in the grounds of a large house or family home to make the occasion unique. They also come with a whole host of other considerations as a venue and an experienced marquee company will guide you through the whole process.

Marquee equipment installations

From experience we recommend an early equipment installation for any marquee event as the very nature of the layout leaves post installation highly visible and occasionally impractical. Consider full days cover if it is a wedding to benefit from services such as background music during your meal and access to radio microphones for speeches.

Marquee and sound issues

In a conventional venue sound generally bounces off walls back to the audience. This doesn't happen in a marquee as the sound is absorbed by the fabric of the wall lining and unless you are a very confident speaker the guest at the rear of the marquee will struggle to hear you. By adding a radio microphone, and suitably positioned PA system, everyone gets to hear.

Speaker systems don't need to be loud to get radial coverage. Installing four speakers situated at strategic points will give you blanket coverage rather than two speakers face on to the audience. We use independently controlled speakers so they can be constantly monitored and adjusted to suit the mood of the room.

We also give consideration during installation to the possible repositioning of the speakers as you move onto the evening event. This allows you to create a louder dance floor area and an ambient space for people to talk further down the marquee. On a four speaker system with the service connections pre-installed this adjustment is seamless.

Heating marquees

Heating is a big consideration as the evening brings a chill access to some form of heating is a must. Heating is usually supplied by way of a butane hot air machine and can be a little hit and miss if not managed correctly.

The hot air is generally delivered at one fixed point and those in the firing line will be very toasty whereas others at the other end of the marquee could be wrapped in overcoats. There are solutions to this but it comes with a price tag.

Marquee power

Power is also a prime consideration and marquees are often fed by generators. These are silenced generators with large fuel capacities and most commercial generators will run for 24 hours without refuelling.

If you have caterers using the marquee supply they will be your biggest draw on power and in comparison the internal and decorative lighting will use hardly anything. Your average DJ will need local access to 2 x 13amp power points and a band can use just as much as the kitchen so you would need to consult them regarding power requirements.

Marquees and high heels

Any special event and you are going to have guests in all their finery meaning you will certainly see your fair share of high heels. An experienced marquee supplier will be aware of this issue and automatically cater for all the heavy traffic areas but occasionally some essential areas are left out because of spiralling costs.

We have seen essential access points and walkways to outside facilities forgotten. Couple that with poor or no lighting and you can ruin the whole event especially if the weather is against you.

The end of the night

At the end of a very long day you can bet that the last person left is the DJ at most marquees events. It’s the part where all the revellers have left and we get handed the keys to the generator and asked to switch it off.

We don’t mind this but make sure there is adequate access and lighting to get to the generator as once it goes out it gets very dark. We carry torches to cater for this but it is certainly a worthy consideration if you are managing the supply yourself.


Surround Sounds experience comes through from the first moment you meet them. Their key driver is to make your special event, SPECIAL, because it's YOURS.. and the ability to do this before and during the evening makes them extremely UNIQUE in terms of entertainment, not just a DJ. Cannot begin to sing their praises enough. (Wedding - Tortworth Court Hotel - Tortworth)
Kieron & Teresa

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